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Agapé services

agapé is also fine épicerie with an infinite number of products of our production, always fresh, 100% made by agapé. Subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date on news.


Bakery and large leavened products

Large leavened products of our production.
You have already tried our irresistible  "Nicola's cuddle with apricots" or "Lucie's chocolate box". Of our invention, very soft leavened doughs up to 18 hours.


Biscuits, jams and other preserves

Always prepared with love, a wide choice of biscuits, shortcrust pastry with jam, sablés, cantucci and much more.  

Extra jams produced only with ripe and seasonal fruit with the highest possible fruit rate to enhance all the fruit taste.  

At agapé you will also find a great choice of sauces, sauces and condiments to accompany your pastas, cheeses and appetizers. 

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Pastry shop

Upon reservation, we prepare cakes for your needs. Contact us for more information.

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